Transforming Lives Through Academic Programs

Relevant, Challenging Programs

Our nationally ranked Legal Writing Program has been a national leader in legal writing for decades, as has our nationally ranked Trial Advocacy and Intellectual Property Programs—through innovative, specialized courses; a practice-based curriculum. But recognition of the Law School's academics goes beyond national rankings.

Our students need and deserve access to enhanced programs, challenging and relevant courses, and the widest possible range of practical experiences. With your support, we will continue to provide a strong foundation in the law, as well as opportunities to study developing practice areas in the context of a practice-oriented legal education.

Recruiting Excellent Teachers

And just as the school competes to recruit the best students, it must also compete to recruit the best faculty. We must provide the resources and support to allow our professors to grow in their fields of specialization.

In order to build and maintain a highly qualified, diverse and influential faculty of excellent teachers and scholars, and to provide them with the needed support to succeed, the Law School is committed to ensuring that all members of our faculty are excellent teachers.

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